Factory introduction

The raw materials are manufactured in a GMP-compliant plant, which has obtained the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry No. 29AZ200031, Additive Manufacturing Industry No. 204097, and Judaic Certificate STAR-K KOSHER CERTIFICATION.

Gunma Factory (Plant affiliated with SANCT Co., Ltd.)

3959 Nakano, Ora-machi, Ora-gun, Gunma 370-0603

Under construction as a base for manufacturing mainly pharmaceutical raw materials.

Nara Plant (Plant affiliated with SANCT Co., Ltd.)

38-3 Okuda, Yamatotakada-shi, Nara 635-0052

We manufacture and supply amino acids commercialized at our overseas affiliated plants as intermediate raw materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and foods under a more advanced management system.

Manufacture of products for overseas markets
・Instant BCAA